Renovation | Window Installation Begins

Posted on Nov 2, 2016 in MAINFRAME News, Renovations

We’ve waited long enough! Renovations at Mainframe Studios are underway. Those driving by the building this month will notice new windows being installed on our fourth floor. We are excited to share these lapse videos and images of cutting out the first window opening.

It’s the smallest window on the floor, which faces west. It provided a perfect test run opportunity for the contractors, who were all pleased with the results. The concrete wall slabs are cut with a machine that attaches to the wall and the final corner cuts are done by hand with a chainsaw. Then, the slab is pulled in, falling onto tires to cushion the impact.

First Window: The View

Two Rivers Glass & Door inspects the results of the first new window opening.

Once the slab is removed from the wall, it’s broken into rubble with an interesting remote-controlled machine, like so:

First window installation cuts

Concrete slab cutting machine on its track along the north wall of fourth floor.

Sixty-two windows are being installed on the fourth floor during Phase I renovations. We’ll continue to post updates of the window installation process.

Thank you to Two Rivers Glass & Door, Iowa Concrete Cutting, Iron Works, and DeCarlo Demolition for their hard work and dedication.

Mainframe Studios is located at 900 Keosauqua Way in downtown Des Moines. Our nonprofit mission is to provide permanent affordable workspace to artists of all disciplines. For more information contact Mainframe Studios director Siobhan Spain at