Rental Rates

Rates: The base rental rate for all our studios is less than $1 per square foot per month. Prices increase slightly in each tier. Please feel free to email us with more specific questions regarding availability and specific rental rates.

  • TIER 1 STUDIO //
    All of Lower Level; Standard studios with 10’ high walls
  • TIER 2 STUDIO //
    Floor-to-ceiling walls OR extensive windows (eg. a large span of windows, corner studios with windows facing two directions, wall-to-wall glass)
  • TIER 3 STUDIO //
    Corner studio with floor-to-ceiling walls AND extensive windows facing two directions

Rent and Deposit PaymentStandard leases will be 1-year. First month’s rent plus one month’s deposit is required when leases are signed. Rent is due on the first of each month by electronic transfer funds. Late fees will be added to the rental cost after the 5th of each month.

Basic Utilities ("Additional Rent")
Basic Utilities ("Additional Rent") is estimated to add $1.90 per square foot per year to each studio for the initial year. This will be added to monthly rental costs. Additional Rent shall be defined as building-wide electric, gas, water/sewer and basic internet. At the end of each year, if this amount is more (or less) than actual costs, tenants will be charged (or credited) the difference in the following year.

If Tenant has extraordinary utility demand for use of any appliance that increases total power consumption beyond that which is usual and customary (e.g. kilns, 220 voltage outlets), Tenant shall either submeter such utility at its own expense or shall be assessed an additional charge. Tenants will be able to upgrade internet speeds at their cost.

Custom Build-out Needs
Tenants requiring specialty build-out (e.g. interior walls, additional ventilation, additional outlets, additional lights, higher voltage, etc.) will be responsible for the installation costs of these added features. Contractor must be approved by Mainframe Studios and can provide estimates upon request.

A building-wide liability policy will be established by Mainframe Studios and each Tenant will be charged an annual fee to ensure tenant liability insurance is in place. Tenant may purchase personal property insurance at its own expense. Tenant shall indemnify and hold Mainframe Studios harmless from any liability.

Annual Adjustments
Annual rents shall increase by the greater of Consumer Price Index or 3% each year on January 1, beginning January 1, 2019.