Black Lives Matter Response

Black Lives Matter Response Mainframe Studios | 06/15/2020

Mainframe Studios is an arts organization that fully supports anti-racist activism. We vow to purposefully identify, discuss, and challenge issues of race and the impact(s) they have on our organization, its systems, and the artists who work here. 
 We are in full support of individual expression and critical thinking and believe that creative ideas can best be realized in spaces where anti-oppressive policies are nurtured. We vow that our events will be safe for all bodies and respectful of difference. We vow to strengthen one another through collective action, shared information, and mutual support. We are committed to confirming our commitment in these initial steps:
  • Mainframe Studios will add Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) member(s) to our Board of Directors.
  • Mainframe Studios Board of Directors will actively reexamine governance, finance, operational and tenant policies through an anti-racism lens.
  • Mainframe Studios will enact protocols for including BIPOC artists and audiences in First Friday programming.
  • Mainframe Studios will develop a studio rent subsidy program for BIPOC artists with the understanding that economics plays a large role in America’s oppression of BIPOC.
  • Mainframe Studios will pursue partnership with local arts organization(s) to implement a studio program for BIPOC artists that provides studio space, supplies and mentorship. 
Mainframe Studios will produce a public report in January 2021 on the progress of these actions and others. We thank those who have been persevering in this movement that is long overdue and grieve for generations of loss. Art has the power to bring people together and cultivate an environment of trust, collaboration, healing, innovation and possibilities. We offer Mainframe Studios as an ally in ensuring that Black Lives Matter. Sincerely,Mainframe Studios Board of Directors, Staff, Artists and Volunteers