CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Putt Putt Art at Mainframe

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Putt Putt Art at Mainframe Mainframe Studios | 03/03/2022

Let's bring creative mini golf to Des Moines! Mainframe Studios is looking for proposals by artists, architects, builders, designers ... or a collaborative team of all of the above. What's your idea for a creatively-designed mini golf greens that reflect our dynamic artistic community and cultural assets?!

Need examples? Here's one | Another | Oh yeah one more | Yet more

The possibilities are endless. They can reflect your own creative practice, an innovative idea, or recreate landmarks such as the Lauridsen Skate Park or Field of Dreams!

Chosen proposals will receive $500 to help fund the project to be installed at Mainframe Studios in time for a June 21 Putt Putt Art Launch Party during Art Week!

Although not required, it is encouraged to seek sponsorships and/or partners who are able to support the project and its construction needs. Fabrication expertise is a must. There are no size restrictions, but the greens will need to be transported and assembled inside Mainframe Studios in one of its common spaces, which could include those on upper floors.

Artist who are unable to access fabrication are welcome to use prefabbed putt-putt platforms. Artists who choose to use our premade blank platforms will recieve half-stipends. Please contact us with questions regarding fabrication needs.


  • Putt Putt Art Title
  • Created by - State name(s) to be included in promotional and printed materials
  • Contact info – Include email, mobile phone and social handles
  • Overview - Tell us the story of this concept and how it will be played
  • Durability, feasibility and safety – Describe how you are addressing these aspects. Each hole must be safe to play by all ages and not present any hazards. It must be feasible to play and provide a good balance between easy and challenging to play. The project needs to withstand high amount of traffic within three weeks without upkeep and maintenance. Holes with tunnels or other hidden portion must be accessible for ball retrieval. Artists will be required to repair should damage arise.
  • Drawings with dimensions and list of proposed materials


  • Proposal deadline:    April 5, 2022
  • Installation timeline: June 19, 20, 21 (by 2:00 p.m.)
  • Opening reception: Tuesday, June 21 at 5:00 p.m.
  • De-installation: July 10-12.


  • Greens must be playable with traditional putters and golf balls (supplied by Mainframe Studios) and should be par 4 or under.
  • Greens should be designed for players of all ages
  • Greens must include a 4' x 4' tee-off pad that is level and one hole.
  • Playing surface must encourage easy rolling of the ball, such as Astroturf or similar carpeting.
  • All perimeter edges of the green should have a border to prevent the ball from rolling off the playing surface.
  • Electrical power may be possible for some greens. Visual creativity is encouraged. Obstacles can be integrated as long as balls can easily be retrieved.
  • Mainframe Studios floors are primarily concrete, or metal. Floors should be protected from damage.
  • Walls can be used to attach sculptural elements and embellishments as long as no large, irreparable holes are made in the walls.
  • All components of the individual holes must be able to withstand an enthusiastic club- wielding public of all ages.


Please send the zipped file or a link to your application folder (Dropbox or Google Drive) to Mainframe Studios /

2022 PUTT PUTT ART Illutrations by Maddy Fusco