Extraordinary Egg Hunt by JJ Gaffers

Extraordinary Egg Hunt by JJ Gaffers Mainframe Studios | 09/01/2020

As a part of Water Works Park virtual Fall Flight Festival Mainframe Artist Jesse Bogengrief has created over 500 eggs for the extraordinary Egg Hunt. Each egg is one-of-a-kind and blown by hand at Jesse's studio downtown in Mainframe Studios. Don't miss this chance to scavenge for your own glass egg on Labor Day weekend at Water Works Park!

Water Works Park is a local gem featuring over 1,500 acres of fields, waterways, and wooded trails. However most park activity happens around the 100 acres near the entrance. In an effort to draw visitors farther into the park the extraordinary egg hunt was born. In past years its been a local delight, with egg hunters sprawling out across the wooded areas and excitedly posting photos of their unique finds after the event. 

This years hunt will happen on labor day weekend, following a week of week of free activities designed to safely immerse you in our cities natural resources. See the Water Works Park Site for more information on the happenings of the week!