GIFT GUIDE | Dani Ausen + Cat Rocketship

GIFT GUIDE | Dani Ausen + Cat Rocketship Mainframe Studios | 11/26/2021

Meet the Gift Guide Curators

Lovely to meet you, new friends! We are Dani Ausen and Cat Rocketship. We are queer artists who make cool shit.  Before the pandemic, we were part of the team that ran a huge indie craft show. We retired from that gig, got married, and now we sit in our rocking chairs and field calls for advice from our LGBT children.

"We are so stoked to share this gift guide with you. As members of the LGBTQIA+ community, we are all about finding gifts that feel inclusive and special. We’ve specifically searched out some amazing gifts for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans kids in your life (ages 13+)."

Personalized Portrait

You know when you look at a piece of art that somehow shows you something holy? Meanz Chan (she/they) makes portraits like that. Celebrate your person with a portrait that brings out the sacred in their face — or give them a drawing of their beloved cat (whichever you think they’ll be more excited to hang).

Cost: Starts at $65

Contact: You can find Meanz on their Instagram page: @meanzchan

Geeky Prints by Tyler Walpole

Does your beloved child play Dungeons & Dragons? Do they watch Critical Role? Take a look at the art of Mainframe artist Tyler Walpole (he/him) who creates work for Marvel, Magic the Gathering, D&D, and more. Tyler works in Des Moines and sells prints at his shop, including this set of illustrations of Critical Role’s Mighty Nein.

Name: Party of NEIN! Set of prints

Cost: $150 (individual prints are $30)

Contact: Visit Tyler’s website to shop at | @tyler_walpole_illustration

Body Art by Sundara Tattoo + Mehndi

If your kid is flying any of the pride flags, chances are they’re going to get at least one tattoo, if not many more. Help them get something beautiful and send them to see Rayna (she/her) at Sundara Tattoo + Mehndi in Mainframe Studios. She's got a beautiful style and skill for days, and she also practices Mehndi body art and makes mixed media art as well.

Cost: Varies

Contact: Follow Rayna on for information and the occasional flash sale: 

Sticker Club Subscription by Maddy Fusco

Stickers are amazing little bits of art, and Mainframe artist Maddie Fusco (she/her) has a sticker level on her Patreon. What does that mean? Subscribe to her page for $5 a month and your recipient gets a sticker in the mail each month. Do it for a year, and they’ll have covered their laptop, their Hydro Flask, and possibly a local lamppost with stickers featuring drawings of fuzzy monsters and creepy cute kittens. Plus, fun mail!

Cost: $5/month

Contact: Visit Maddy’s website to order: | @maddyfusco

 Pride Jewelry by Dani Awesome

If you’re looking for a gift that says, “I love my little lesbian!” look no further. Dani Awesome (she/her) has an entire collection of earrings, bracelets, chokers, and pendants in the colors of almost every LGBTQIA flag — and if there’s one you want but don’t see, she’ll make it for you. This is a super easy way to give an affirming gift like these bisexual pride earrings.

Cost: $30

Contact: Order online at Dani’s Etsy shop at | @msdaniawesome

The Skeleton Tarot Deck

Being a person in this world is exhausting at best. Sometimes we just need answers. A lot of people are turning to tarot decks these days, treating them as anything from a tool to contact spirits to a technology with which to better understand ourselves and our intuition. Cat Rocketship (they/them) created the Skeleton Tarot deck using illustrations of creepy but sweet skeletons to answer your deep or daily questions.

Cost: $50

Contact: Visit Cat’s Etsy shop to find this deck and much more at | @ooomami