Local Creatives featured in Online Video Series

Local Creatives featured in Online Video Series Mainframe Studios | 12/31/2020

Movement at Mainframe:

Watch the 2nd episode from the new Mediacom Cable series on Mainframe and our artists. These segments give new insights into the life, and work, of our many creative professionals. Episode #2 features director Siobhan Spain, Tammy & Adam Winn of The Red Door Press, and acclaimed artist Jay Vigon.


Artists in my Neighborhood:

Urbandale art teacher Becky Baack is producing videos for her virtual classroom students. Her latest interview features Christina Logli. Learn how Christina goes about creating in her Studio #428.


Anderson Gallery Youtube:

Drake University's Anderson Gallery offers a wealth of quality artist talk videos. For instance, learn about Jill Wells, an Iowa Creative Incubator Fellow, and Marissa Hernandez, Drake's Alumni Studio Fellow - both at Mainframe.