RELEASE / “Art of Our Time” benefit art sale attracts regional and national support

RELEASE / “Art of Our Time” benefit art sale attracts regional and national support Mainframe Studios | 07/23/2020

Des Moines, IA (July 24, 2020) -- Mainframe Studios is pleased to announce the reopening of its First Friday open studio events with a special benefit art exhibition titled “Art of Our Time” on August 7, 2020 at 900 Keo Way in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, and online at

Organized by Mainframe StudiosOlson Larsen Galleries and Yellow Door Gallery, “Art of Our Time” is attracting submissions by artists from across the nation to benefit Oakridge Neighborhood Services, which has been serving the area’s most vulnerable residents by providing for the basic need of safe, affordable housing for over 50 years, and Community Support Advocates with its award-winning Momentum Art Program that provides transformational support to artists with disabilities and mental illnesses. 

Featuring works created in response to the extensive challenges facing the world today, “Art of Our Time” proceeds also benefit the show’s artists. Mainframe Studios director Siobhan Spain states, “We were really interested in inviting artists from near and far to help demonstrate the fact that we’re all in this together, and that artists can play a vital role in our nation’s resiliency when given the opportunity.” 

“Art of Our Time” website is being updated regularly through August 7th as artwork submissions are received. Those interested in purchasing works or attending the event in person by reservation are asked to visit

The list of committed artists include Alexandre Arrechea, Susan Chrysler White, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Kim Dingle, Jennifer Drinkwater, Laurel Farrin, Andrea Ferrigno, Benjamin Gardner, Tatiana Giacinti, Jen P. Harris, Courtney Kenny Porto, Kathranne Knight, Dennis Koch, Jacob Kuperman, Bill Luchsinger, Robert Moore, Margo Z. Nahas, Hugo Nakashima-Brown, Oyoram, Catherine Reinhart, Gyan Shrosbee, Jim Shrosbee, Erin Shirreff, Annick Sjobakken, Joe Sola, Josh Sorrell, Molly Spain,  Mary Ann Strandell, Karen Strohbeen, Laura Travnicek, Olivia Valentine, and Jay Vigon.

“Art of Our Time” support is provided by Polk County Board of Supervisorsand its logo was created by artist Hannah Sung / Meow Yo Face. Event organizers are not taking a percentage of sales. 

About Mainframe Studios

Mainframe Studios is a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing permanent affordable workspace to artists of all disciplines in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Construction is currently underway to renovate the final two floors of its 160,000-sf building and add another 100 nonresidential studio spaces. Once complete, the nonprofit will be financially self-sustaining, allowing Mainframe Studios to stand the test of time and ensuring that creative professionals have a place in the heart of the community for generations to come. There are nearly 150 artists on its wait list. To find out more visit

Covid-19 Safety Measures: Timed entry reservations and masks are required to attend “Art of Our Time” in person on August 7, 2020. Volunteers will be on hand to help ensure safety of attendees by checking in attendees, encouraging social distancing, observing directional arrows and more.

About Olson Larsen Galleries

Established in 1979, Olson Larsen Galleries is a contemporary gallery representing over 50 of the finest artists in the Midwest. Located in Historic Valley Junction in West Des Moines, Iowa, Olson Larsen fulfills its commitment to original art through exhibitions and support services for clients ranging from individuals to corporations. Learn more at

About Yellow Door Gallery

Yellow Door Gallery is a roaming, alternative gallery space that is shifting the perceptions and dynamics of visual, aural, and performance art. They connect emerging artists and collectors through salons, installations, concerts, and afternoon teas. Learn more at