Renovation Progress and Building Updates

Renovation Progress and Building Updates Mainframe Studios | 01/11/2021


Our third floor is expected to open March 2021

You know you're a construction geek when taping and mudding walls stirs excitement. Well, consider us that because we're one step closer to moving 57 new artists into our building! And, the process can bring attention to fun artifacts -- such as a pack of Kool cigarettes stuck in the concrete poured over 40 years ago. Can you find them the next time you visit? There is a clue in the photo. We have over 85% of new studios pre-leased already! Yes, our waitlist is long but we’re reviewing all applicants.


Other Building Updates:

HUMIDITY CONTROL / During construction, another building-wide improvement in the works is better humidity controls. Current tenants have been accommodating our ductwork retrofits that help even out humidity levels that impact the creative endeavors of our artists.

AIR PURIFICATION / We've successfully installed a building-wide Plasma Air system that proactively attacks airborne contaminants such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, odors, and VOCs. While this is no substitute for wearing masks, social distancing and hand-washing, it does mean we're doing all we can to create healthy indoor air quality for our tenants and visitors.