Ric Frambach / 1953 - 2019

Ric Frambach / 1953 - 2019 Mainframe Studios | 01/03/2020

THE LIFE OF AN ARTIST / The world lost a beautiful creative spirit over the holiday and we're heartbroken. Ric Frambach's life touched countless communities in Central Iowa, including ours. Ric was too excited to wait until he retired from teaching woodworking at Iowa Department for the Blind to have a studio at Mainframe. He was with us from the start and all-in. He made moving carts for artists equipped with Mainframe-like logo elements and bike bells. Ric absolutely loved helping others and we see his hand everywhere we look. He retired in 2019 and expanded his artful influence. Aiding the Heritage Carousel restoration efforts, building lecterns for Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, making cabinets for The Tangerine Food Company, and working on a project with Jay Vigon were a few of his more recent endeavors. Visiting him in the hospital, he told how he couldn't stop talking about his studio at Mainframe and how wonderful it was. When news of his illness sunk in he expressed what a great life he has had: “I have no complaints.” Ric, you taught us how it’s done. What gifts he has left us, and what a gap now exists. We will honor his spirit by creating, by giving, by living. Our hearts are with you and your family. Rest in peace, dear friend. | Read Ric's obituary |

PHOTO DETAILS: ART EVERYWHERE / Ric Frambach fabricated the wood panels used for Jay Vigon's "Art Everywhere" installed above our first floor elevators.
Photo by Amy Allen