Drawing 3.0

Host: Christine Logli

Time: 3:15 PM — 5:15 PM

Course time:  Five 2 hour sessions

Learning objectives: Advanced drawing techniques and mediums, drawingt he still life, landscapes, and the human form

Materials to Bring to Class:

Strathmore Drawing Paper Pad (18x24)
Newsprint (brand does not matter)
Kneadable Eraser (Hint: Get the large Kneadable Eraser & cut it into 6 pieces)
Charcoal Pencil: White and later: sepia
Charcoal Pencils: Peel Away Kind
  Hard (light grey)
  Medium (medium grey)
  Soft (black)
Bulldog Clips
later: Conté and Soft Pastel Set
Canson Mi-Teintes Drawing Papers

Optional (however HIGHLY RECOMMEND): Something to carry your supplies, including your large pads to & from class

Recommended for Home Use:

Easel (Standing, No table top) - If you are unable to stand, there is such a thing as an easel horse. Otherwise, you can use a chair in front of the standing easel
Large Drawing Board w/ Clips
Razor (to sharpen charcoal)
Blue Tape
Questions about supplies can be discussed with me by either phone, text, or at class time. Please feel free to contact me.

Prerequisite: Drawing 2.0 Course

Taught by Christine Logli
CLogli Studio #428 at the Mainframe Studios
900 Keosauqua Way
Des Moines, IA 50009

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